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Did anybody besides me just watch True Life: I'm going to Rehab on Mtv? Within the first few minutes they had a shot of this kid Adam snorting crushed OxyContin off a Wonder Showzen dvd case in his shithole apartment, no joke. Maybe his life would be better off if he ate chewties instead of sniffing drugs....thoughts?
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It's a new show by Augenblick Studios that's set to air on Adult Swim in February (or so I have heard). Anyone else hear about this?

And did you love it did you love it did you love it did you love it...?
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so i was at the movies, and i saw this trailer for a creepy movie called "joshua." it's this weird little kid who doesn't get enough attention so he starts killing people. i thought the kid in the movie looked familiar...and i realized it was none other than JACOB KOGAN!!!

awww, @#$%. i mean, horse apples.

our innermost fears have been realized, friends. this just in from www.wonder-showzen.com:

Breaking News!!!
Dear Fans of Wonder Showzen,

We have horrible news. The Wonder Showzen Fan Site has received word, and we regret to inform you that Wonder Showzen will not be airing for a third season. I know the heartache and pain you must feel. We wish the creators of the show all the best and thank them for such a marvelous masterpiece of television.

mtv2/viacom can eat my taint. why does the liberal jew run media insist on cancelling my favorite shows in their prime? mr. show, arrested development, now this. bastards!

oh well, at least we still have according to jim, how i met my wife, two and a half men, and 8 hours of everybody loves raymond reruns every night of the week, and other assorted innumerable family sitcoms with the same tired plots, the same tired characters, etc.
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